What’s a “perfect” furnace for your neighbor may not be right for your needs and budget. Ultimately, you want to invest in a heating solution that’s going to provide optimal comfort in a way that’s efficient and cost-effective. Increase your odds of making a well-informed decision when it’s time for a new or replacement furnace by keeping the following tips in mind.

Choose a Fuel Type That’s Right for Your Budget

Natural gas is the most common fuel used for furnaces in the United States. Even so, an electric furnace can still be a good buy if you opt for a model that operates in a way that offers long-term value because of increased energy efficiency. If you’re still on the fence about fuel types, consider what’s used most in your neighborhood or do some research about average electric, gas, and oil costs in your area. Consider speaking with the experts at Healthy Home Heating & Air in Monroe.

Size Matters with Furnaces

A bigger furnace is going to be more of an investment, but it will provide more heat. However, you’ll be wasting energy if you go with a model that’s too big for your needs. Conversely, a smaller furnace that has to work harder to heat a larger home will have to run more often just to heat your house. So, it will be more expensive to operate and more susceptible to wear and tear.

Take the Total Cost of Ownership into Consideration

The total cost of ownership (TOC) for a furnace refers to anticipated costs for energy use, installation, general maintenance, and repairs. Don’t go by upfront costs alone though. Some highly efficient and well-made furnaces can easily pay for themselves over time if you end up having fewer maintenance and repair expenses. One way to do your TOC comparisons is to look at online reviews to see how certain furnace models tend to perform.

Focus on the Features That Matter Most to You

Another factor worth considering is which specific furnace features matter most to you. For instance, if indoor air quality is your main concern, then you may prefer a furnace that’s better at reducing indoor irritants. But if you want the ability to precisely control temperature settings, you may prefer a model with a high-tech control panel or convenient mobile tools.

An HVAC technician from Healthy Home Heating & Air can also be an indispensable resource when you’re in the process of deciding what the best furnace is for your home. We have more than 70 years of combined experience with heating, cooling, and air quality services. We offer a complimentary home comfort evaluation so that you can gain important insights about what kind of heating solution will likely work best within your inside spaces. Call us today to learn more.

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