It can be disconcerting to receive a shock from static electricity. These shocks occur when too many free electrons build up on your body and then get drained off as you touch metal or some other substance that acts as a conductor. There are a variety of ways that you can deal with this problem in your environment.

Causes of Static Electricity in a Home

Issues with static electricity tend to be worse in the winter when the air is drier. Moisture in the air can remove free electrons from your body. They eventually discharge all at once and cause a spark. When conditions are dry, these electrons can be transferred to your body as you walk on the carpet and discharged when you least expect it. Taking a few basic steps can greatly reduce the creation of static electricity in your residence.

Wear Low-Static Clothing

Choosing to wear certain materials that don’t hold a charge well can prevent electrons from building up. Cotton and leather are two good examples of low-charge options. Wearing low-static shoes as you move around your home can also minimize electron transfer to your body. Consider simply going barefoot.

Wipe Surfaces Down with Dryer Sheets

Electrons can easily be transferred as you sit on or rise from upholstered surfaces. Dryer sheets are great at removing charges, and wiping down seats before you sit can help with this static. By carrying dryer sheets around in your pocket, you’ll be able to avoid static on seats everywhere, including in your car.

Install a Humidifier

Maintaining between 30 and 50 percent humidity in your home is ideal for draining free electrons from your body. Having professionals install a humidifier in your home can increase the moisture content and minimize static buildup.

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