Phenomenal Aire in Charlotte, NC

Phenomenal Aire Charlotte, NCPhenomenal Aire is an amazing new technology that can change indoor air quality.

Take yourself back to a time when you freely inhaled the air outside without worry. Remember the feeling of being refreshed after you finished a walk on a nature trail? Maybe you strolled along a beach shoreline and smiled as you took in the fresh air from the ocean breeze.

Those memorable experiences remind us that when we breathe in oxygen ions, which are in the air, we’re purifying our lungs. Ions naturally protect us from bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Phenomenal Aire (Series R CPG) takes the air from indoor spaces, such as work or homes, and turns it into a healthier living environment.

Indoor Air Quality Facts:

Air QualityWe frequently have more pollution in our schools, homes, and workplaces than the air outside — up to two to five times as much, reports The US Environmental Protection Agency. Yet, indoors is where we spend most of our life, about 90 percent of it. That’s fine except for one thing: the air inside contains fungus and mold spores, pathogens, odors, and other harmful substances. You never know what develops in the air from one day to the next.

Third-Party Testing Results:

In June, the manufactures of Phenomenal Aire underwent a third-party testing protocol to determine its effectiveness against SARS COV-2.  The summary of the testing is astounding:

Summary of testing results: SARS-CoV-2:
• 99.4% reduction 30 minutes of testing
• 92.6% reduction 15 minutes of testing
• 84.2% reduction 10 minutes of testing

Contribute to Better Health for Children with Asthma

Charlotte, NC is no stranger to allergies. In many cases, airborne allergens are a primary factor for asthma-related issues. Many reports state that one in ten children (under the age of 18), that’s about 7 million, suffers from Asthma. Since our air purifying system removes air-polluting substances, it can help reduce the airborne substances that set off asthmatic symptoms and attacks.

Remove Allergens Triggered by the Changing Seasons:

Seasonal allergies are no surprise to the Americans who suffer from them. At a minimum, 35.9 of those in the U.S. deal with allergies that appear during seasonal climate changes. You can rid the indoor air of these triggers so you won’t have to suffer indoors.

Pet Allergens

Allergens such as pet dander are a problem for a segment of the population, about 10 percent. Allergens such as pet dander are a problem for a segment of the population, about 10 percent. You or someone you know may love animals but happen to be allergic to animal fur. It collects dust, pollen, and possibly mold. There is a way to significantly cut down or even totally remove the pet allergens.

Attack Harmful Substances in the Air with a Vengeance

We have air purification systems that can:

  • Annihilate Fungus and Mold Spores
  • Demolish Bacteria
  • Destroy Odors
  • Kill Viruses
  • Wipe Out Allergens
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – Shatter them!

Free of Harmful Chemicals and Byproducts

Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generators (CPGs) use a plasma field to clean the air. It simulates the way nature cleans with ions. When air passes the plasma field in the CPG, it becomes purified and beautifully more breathable.

How Plasma Fields Purify Indoor Air:

The plasma field breaks down odors and VOCs into simple molecules when they enter into the Phenomenal Aire Series R CPG field unit. The simple molecules contain small amounts of oxygen (ions found in the air). The oxygen leaves the unit and lands on mold, bacteria, or viruses to grab an electron. This chemical reaction destroys it leaving only harmless molecules.

Installation is Simple and Affordable

Take the complication out of maintaining superior indoor air quality. We have a CPG device fits easily into the HVAC‘s air handling unit.

In addition to being affordable, safe, and easy to install, it has:

  • Unmovable parts
  • No need to replace the unit
  • Maintenance is easy requiring occasional cleaning