When you call Healthy Home Heating & Air, you can expect dependable heating and cooling services. You may have heard our experts referred to by another name, HVAC technicians. This article will explain what HVAC systems are and why HVAC-trained technicians are so important for your home’s comfort.


HVAC training begins with heating. Even though North Carolina is known for its warmer climate, there are still many days each year when your home needs to be warmer. HVAC technicians are trained to service your heating system and make sure the temperature stays constant. In a full HVAC system, warm air is pumped from a furnace into ducts and circulated throughout the building. This ductwork is a critical part of the system that will be used by all the other components of the HVAC system.


Ventilation is part of HVAC with which homeowners may be the least familiar. The exchange of indoor and outdoor air used to be the concern of commercial properties that did not have windows that opened easily. Today, with new homes being built to be more energy efficient, residential homes are also looking at ventilation. In a full HVAC system, stale air from inside the building is vented outdoors through the ductwork, and fresh air is brought in. Some systems can do this while minimizing temperature loss.

Air Conditioning

The need for air conditioning is something that folks in North Carolina know well. The summer can be unbearable if your home is not cool. Air conditioning also helps remove some of the moisture from humid summer air. In an HVAC system, the air conditioning unit will push air through the same ductwork as the furnace uses in the heating system.

If all this sounds complicated, you can rest easy knowing that the experts at Healthy Home Heating & Air are specially trained to handle all the aspects of the home comfort HVAC systems supplies. In addition to heating, ventilation, and cooling, we can also provide several options to improve the indoor air quality in your home. Contact Healthy Home Heating & Air in Monroe, NC, today to learn more.

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