Finding an HVAC company that you can trust can seem like a daunting task. There are many options to choose from, and you want to find a company that will always have your best interests in mind. Whether you need an air conditioner installed or a heating system replaced, you want to make sure that the job is done professionally. There are several resources you can use to check the reliability of a company before you commit to using its services. Always feel free to ask questions. You should be treated with a high level of respect when working with any member of a company. Professional technicians you talk to should professionally conduct themselves.

Look for Certifications

When considering an HVAC company, take a look at any certifications they and their employees have. Most HVAC technicians should hold a NATE certification. Many companies also give their technicians ongoing training to ensure that they are ready for any type of job. Businesses that are accredited by the BBB often have a rating that can be trusted to be impartial.

Many HVAC companies are also a part of various professional organizations. You can see if the company you’re looking at is part of ASHRAE, ASME, ACCA, or the ARI. To be a member of any of these organizations, a company will have to have staff members who are knowledgeable about the field. These organizations will help a company stay current with any advances in the industry.

For your safety, an HVAC company should be fully licensed, bonded, and insured. This will indicate that they are professionals who take their work seriously. It will also protect you if something goes wrong with an HVAC job.

Expect Agreements in Writing

When using the services of an HVAC company, you should be able to receive any agreements in writing. If a company just wants to discuss your options and move forward with a job without having anything in writing, you should be worried. Companies should be willing to give you an accurate and detailed price estimate for any type of HVAC job before they get started with it. A company should be upfront and honest about everything they do. You can expect open lines of communication about all aspects of a job.

Use Word of Mouth

Take the time to ask around to see if anyone close to you has had a particularly good or bad experience with an HVAC company. First-hand referrals are often the most accurate. If someone has had a terrible experience with a company, you’ll know to steer clear.

Look for Referrals

There are several ways that you can find reviews on a company. Places like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp can show you other peoples’ experiences with a company. These organizations also provide companies with awards for exceptional service. Be sure to read through the reviews to get an honest representation of how people feel about the company and the services they offer. While any company can get a negative review, it’s important to understand its overall body of work.

At Healthy Home Heating & Air, we put the complete satisfaction of our customers our top priority. Our goal is to exceed expectations with everything we do. We strive to build lasting and trusting relationships with each of our customers so that we can receive referrals from them. You can trust us to provide highly personalized services and meet any of your individual needs. Providing a great customer experience is important to each member of our team.

Many manufacturers can also endorse certain companies. Since the manufacturers want you to have a positive experience with their product, they’ll make sure that any company that they support has the skills to get jobs done right. Many manufacturers will give out awards to companies that perform exceptionally well.

Your Trusted HVAC Company

At Healthy Home Heating & Air, we’re dedicated to the complete satisfaction of each of our customers. Our locally owned and operated company can help with any heating or air conditioning repair, installation, or maintenance job you have. We can also install air cleaners and humidifiers and perform duct cleaning. Our NATE-certified technicians are highly experienced, and we’re proud to be a BBB-accredited business.

Learn more about the array of HVAC services we offer in the Monroe, NC, area by giving Healthy Home Heating & Air a call today.

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