Your heating system requires maintenance and services just like most major appliances. Most HVAC professionals recommend a heating tune-up once a year. This can ensure that your heating unit is running properly and that it will function properly throughout the winter months. In Charlotte, it seems like our weather goes from extremely hot and muggy days in August to a flip of the heating system in late September. The weather in Charlotte goes from an average high of 89 degrees in August to 70 degrees in October.

When the temperature switches, you’ll find yourself flipping your thermostat from cool to heat. Then your heating system, which has sat stationary for almost 8 months, will get thrust into action. Now, depending on the age of your unit and its relative health, you may not experience any major issues. However, much like maintenance on a car, it’s not always about eliminating the risk of major issues. If your heating system is running at sub-par levels, you’ll end up paying more out of pocket for the same level of heat. Over time, your heating unit will experience a major issue for having to work harder just to maintain the same level of in-home comfort.