If you’re looking for heat pump repair in Charlotte, NC – look no further. We have been providing superior HVAC repair services in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas since 2009. Our heating & air technicians will inspect your heating and air system, build an honest and true report from all findings, and get your equipment back up and running. Along with our general services, like heat pump repair, we offer heating check-ups, tune-ups, and seasonal maintenance. After all, the best way to avoid heat pump issues is to have a properly certified technician perform seasonal check-ups to ensure your HVAC systems are working as they should be.

We proudly provide heat pump repair services in Charlotte, NC, and all surrounding communities. To understand what is going on, let us explain what a heat pump is: A heat pump is a mechanism that provides a residential structure with heat energy from a heat source to a destination. Its job is to move thermal energy opposite the direction of spontaneous heat flow. But none of that matters if all you need is someone to make sure yours is working correctly.