Furnaces are designed to keep your home comfortable and cozy on cold days. If you don’t take care of your equipment properly, you could put your family in danger. Preparing for the cold ahead is easy to do when you follow a few simple guidelines for your furnace.

Start with Regular Maintenance

Summer weather can do hidden damage to internal components. All heaters and heating systems should undergo maintenance annually. Furnaces and heating equipment age over time, and wiring and parts can wear out. Staying on top of any problems equates to a safer environment for your family. An annual inspection will remove any worry about lingering issues.

Most inspections include cleaning the equipment and tuning the system for optimal operation. The team at Healthy Home Heating & Air offers maintenance services for all types of furnaces and heating equipment.

Keep Flammables Away

It’s important to keep drapes, furniture, and other objects away from the furnace and vents at all times. Whether your unit is fired by gas or electricity, the path around it should always be clear. Family members may unknowingly leave blankets, books, and toys near heaters. It’s easy to catch a problem and prevent a fire by checking frequently.

Install Detectors Throughout Your Home

Installing a carbon monoxide detector inside your house can help provide peace of mind. Incorrectly installed or damaged furnaces can deposit carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that’s harmful to humans and pets. Furnaces can even catch on fire when there’s a problem. If smoke is coming from your furnace, you don’t want to depend on your nose or eyes to warn you. Install a smoke detector and test it annually. A set of well-made detectors could save your life.

As a locally owned and operated home heating company, we take your comfort seriously. We’re A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our technicians specialize in furnace and air conditioning repairs, installations, and tune-ups. Call Healthy Home Heating & Air today to schedule a service call for your home in Monroe.

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