Monroe, NC is known for its amazing weather year-round. However, when the temperature dips, your furnace might have issues. Most of our clients aren’t aware that furnaces require preventative maintenance and check-ups yearly to ensure proper running efficiency. Furnace repair issues can stem from several issues. Even something as general as Monroe’s climate and pollen levels can contribute to your furnace not operating correctly.

Since first launching the Healthy Home Heating & Air business in 2009, we have become the top choice for small furnace repair jobs, furnace maintenance, and heating tune-ups, all the way up to major furnace replacements. The problem is that too many homeowners still end up putting off taking care of this because they think they only require “minor repairs.” The bad news is that minor repairs can develop into major ones very quickly if left ignored. This is why we strongly recommend that our Monroe, NC customers take action before their furnace or HVAC system goes out on them.

The furnace is an enclosed structure or appliance fueled by either wood, oil, or gas used to heat water or air. Of course, that also means that a system like this needs requires ongoing, so it can continue to work properly. Procrastinating those needed repairs not only compromises the condition of the unit and its ability to work but can also be dangerous to the structure and residents. Without proper care, the entire system will eventually shut down completely.