There is no denying that the warm glow from a salt lamp can be soothing. Does it also clean your air and reduce indoor air pollutants? Although there are definite benefits to ingesting Himalayan salt due to the increased minerals, it is unclear if the same benefits extend to the lamps.

The Negative Ion Theory

Proponents of salt lamps say that these lamps create negative ions. The healing power of negative ions has been researched and some doctors do believe that these ions can increase a person’s mood. If you are the type that finds a waterfall or thunderstorm soothing, you may benefit from negative ions in the air. However, salt lamps may not produce the number of negative ions needed to achieve this mood boost. Some scientists say that a much higher wattage bulb would be needed to release negative ions from Himalayan salt.

The Air Purification Theory

Another major reason consumers buy salt lamps is as an air purifier. Environmental fumes can creep into your home in Charlotte from traffic and other pollutants. A salt lamp may be seen as a simple alternative to an air purification system. Salt attracts water. The theory behind the salt lamps is that as the water is attracted to the salt block, it brings air pollutants with it. The pollutants are then trapped in the salt. While it sounds good in theory, this claim has not yet been backed by scientific research.

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