Carbon Monoxide’s Impact on Indoor Air Quality

March 19, 2020

Most safety risks in your Monroe home will have obvious signs. For example, if your house is on fire, you’ll smell the smoke and see the flames. Or, if a pipe bursts in your basement, you’ll hear the rushing water as it shoots out into the room. However, there is a threat that’s completely undetectable using any of your senses even though it’s just as dangerous as a house fire. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that can creep into your Charlotte home from a variety of sources. What follows is a discussion of how to respond...

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3 Reasons To Use A Humidifier During Flu Season

December 17, 2019

Catching the flu this cold season can be a nightmare. The good thing is that there are various preventive measures that you can put in place to keep yourself safe. With the flu season in full swing, using a humidifier to provide the right air quality in your house can put you at arm’s length from the virus. Here are three reasons you may have to install a humidifier in your home. 1. Preventing the Flu Virus Science has proven that the flu virus thrives in dry conditions. These airborne viruses are particularly notorious during the dry weather, especially within...

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Do Salt Lamps Really Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

September 15, 2019

There is no denying that the warm glow from a salt lamp can be soothing. Does it also clean your air and reduce indoor air pollutants? Although there are definite benefits to ingesting Himalayan salt due to the increased minerals, it is unclear if the same benefits extend to the lamps. The Negative Ion Theory Proponents of salt lamps say that these lamps create negative ions. The healing power of negative ions has been researched and some doctors do believe that these ions can increase a person’s mood. If you are the type that finds a waterfall or thunderstorm soothing,...

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Steps to Reduce Static Electricity in Your Home

May 2, 2019

It can be disconcerting to receive a shock from static electricity. These shocks occur when too many free electrons build up on your body and then get drained off as you touch metal or some other substance that acts as a conductor. There are a variety of ways that you can deal with this problem in your environment. Causes of Static Electricity in a Home Issues with static electricity tend to be worse in the winter when the air is drier. Moisture in the air can remove free electrons from your body. They eventually discharge all at once and cause...

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3 Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollutants

April 16, 2019

Running your home’s HVAC system can help to keep the indoor environment comfortable, but it can also spread pollutants that can affect the quality of air in your house as well as your own health. Reducing indoor air pollutants is easy to do, and it can be done inexpensively. Here are three ways to help reduce indoor air pollutants in your Charlotte home. 1. Install New Air Cleaner Filters Air cleaners are designed to help reduce indoor pollutants, but when the filters are not changed regularly, they can clog the system and spread pollutants. This can cause health problems such...

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