24/7 Emergency AC Service in Charlotte

AC RepairThe last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is the need for Charlotte emergency AC service but more than likely, at some point, it is going to happen. So before it does, you should consider already knowing who to call on when the need arises. You certainly do not want to be trying to choose your team of experts in the middle of the night blindly, by just choosing the first company name you find.

This often leads to making a decision you end up regretting. Too many shoddy and less-than-reputable repair contractors are geared towards making the majority of their business from desperate homeowners in this exact situation. They can gouge you on price and then do little more than patchwork because you are in immediate need.

At Healthy Home Heating & Air we take great pride in offering the most professional workmanship, no matter what time of day or night it is. You will get the same level of superior quality handiwork from our crew all around the clock, any day of the week. But we hope to be able to work with you prior to your need for off-hours service work.

Emergency AC Service Professionals

Air Conditioner FansThere is nothing quite as intolerable as waking up in the middle of the night to realize the AC is no longer working. Even before the system completely quits, there are red flags that still mean you should get repairs, service or plan for Charlotte emergency AC service needs. Some of these are:

Ice along coil – The reasons for this happening can be one of many, but the bottom line is that this is usually an indication that you need to have the HVAC looked at.

Circuit breaker tripper – If your cooling system has begun to be the culprit behind tripping your breaker regularly, then you need to have your system checked. This commonly means there is an issue with the electrical system and you should never take chances when it comes to this type of possible serious threat.

Loud or uncommon sounds – Odd noises are commonly an indicator that something is not quite right. Humming, whirring, hissing or screeching are some of the more common noises.

Charlotte Emergency AC Service

The good news is that now you know who to call on for your emergency AC service repair needs. We are here for you 24/7 because you don’t get to plan when your system is going to fail. Let us be the company you trust in during regular business hours and any other time you need.