Are you having some heating problems in your home? Nobody likes to deal with heating problems. As heating contractors in Charlotte, we have found that there are some common heating problems that we most often find. Fortunately, some issues are relatively simple to solve.

If it’s something that you need help with right away, call a professional for help. In Charlotte, call Healthy Home Heating & Air for heating service. We can locate the problem and tell you what needs to be done to fix it.

When One Room Won’t Get Warm

It’s very uncomfortable to have a cold bedroom or bathroom when the rest of the house is just fine. If one room in your home is not getting warm and it is not caused by cracks around windows or other leaks, you have an HVAC zoning problem. An HVAC technician will need to check various parts of the system to ensure it’s not leaky ductwork or something similar.

The solution may be to install a zoning system. This involves installing several thermostats which are wired to a main control panel. The thermostats constantly read the temperature within their zone and adjust dampers inside the ductwork as needed. This is much better than blocking or closing a duct because that creates an air backflow problem that strains the machinery. It doesn’t work well anyway.

Dry Indoor Air Problems

A furnace can cause dry air inside a house. Leave the heater on for a while and you can notice a difference in the humidity level inside the house. While this is not always the case, it very well could be. A central air furnace or heat pump blows warm air throughout the house. As the warm air passes over the moist air, it evaporates.

The best solution to dry indoor air is to install a whole-home humidifier. It is installed directly on the heating and air equipment, so it works automatically in every room. The humidifier has a sensor that detects low humidity levels and automatically adds the perfect amount of moisture to balance the level.

Heater Not Turning On? Pilot Or Electronic Ignition Control Problems

Without getting too technical about the problem, let’s say that you need furnace repairs if it won’t turn on. One of the most common problems with a furnace is a pilot light or ignition control problem. This is very similar to starting problems with your vehicle.

Sometimes the pilot light will ignite but is the wrong color. A gas furnace pilot light should always burn a crisp blue color. If it’s orange or yellow, there’s a problem. Sometimes a simple cleaning is all that’s necessary to solve a pilot lighting problem. If not, repairs will need to be done. Either way, call a heating contractor like ours at Healthy Home Heating & Air.

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